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We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience with you through our Ebooks.

5 Steps to Building a Great WordPress Website ebook cover

In this short Ebook, the steps required to establish and design a WordPress website are explained. The guide is intended for those who are new to website building and WordPress.

The book covers everything from identifying your market and purpose straight through to the end where creating and managing content creation is discussed.

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October 2019

5 Steps to Growing a Standout Brand ebook cover

Today’s world requires you to have to stand out and make a statement in order to be considered, whether it be a job or a business. The object is to create and establish a brand that people like and follow.

This ebook walks through the process of establishing a brand from the beginning and discusses the steps and elements that are necessary for developing a great brand. Such topics as purpose, positioning, price, and methods promotion (traditional and digitally) are discussed.

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November 2019