Our Process

Analysis & Discovery

The analysis and discover is where we look at your existing website and digital marketing strategy and determine what is working and what needs to be improved.


During the design process, we put together a prototype and wire map design of your new site design before it goes to development. It is in this stage that all functions and needs are assembled for approval.


The Development stage is where we hit the ground running with actual site design and where your brand elements are imparted into the design.


During the testing state you get to take the new site and processes for a ride before deploying it to production. It is here that we find any issues that need addressing that may have been missed or tweaks applied.


At this stage we deploy your new site to its new home on the Internet. We push the site from our development environment to your desired web host.


Congratulations! Your site is now live! From here it’s making sure that your site is updated with new content and that all things under the hood get serviced regularly so that your site remains healthy. To make sure all this is done, we highly recommend you consider one of our Care Plans. Otherwise, any changes or maintenance you may need done will cost more than the monthly care plan our regular rates.